RETURNING FOR ITS 6th SUMMER! The Husky Summer Institute is an exciting internship program for current high school juniors and graduating seniors interested in a career in advanced manufacturing. Please read below for more information and to apply!

Applications for Free Education Program Due by Sunday, May 12, 2018.

Program Overview


Husky projects the need to add skilled machinists to the manufacturing team over the next 2-5 years in order to both support their growth and have a sustainable, long-term workforce. To accomplish this, we need to grow the number of manufacturing technicians with a solid understanding of machining fundamentals as well as advanced concepts.


In order to meet these goals, Husky is investing in an exciting internship opportunity for high school juniors and seniors through the Husky Summer Institute. The summer internship program's objective is to create workforce-ready machine technicians. The program provides an opportunity for students to learn a trade while simultaneously getting paid $13/hour, work full-time, enter an apprenticeship, earning college credits.


The program will recruit and select up to 10 participants and will run over two consecutive summers. The first year of the Summer Institute will enroll students into the established and successful CNC Machinist Fundamentals Program and will focus on providing students with a wide breadth of foundational knowledge. The second year of the Summer Institute will expand upon the foundational skills of the first and provide a greater depth of knowledge using the Advanced CNC Concepts curriculum used presently by Husky. Both summer programs will have theoretical components, hands-on projects, and job shadowing throughout Husky.


The program may lead directly to permanent employment after the first summer for graduating seniors, or after the second summer for those students returning for their senior year of high school and is dependent upon the business needs at the time.


Student Recruitment & Selection


Husky will hold one preliminary Information Session on Tuesday, May 7th at 7:00pm at Husky’s plant at 288 North Road, Milton, VT. This information session will provide students and their parents or guardians the opportunity to get an informal overview of the program, the company, the facility, and the classroom. For those students that want more information prior to applying to the program or who would like to see and walk through Husky, this is a great opportunity to do so. If you would like more information regarding the Information Session, please contact Lisa Tillotson (802) 859-8082 or


A parent and student job fair and orientation will be hosted at Husky the evening of Tuesday, May 14th from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. This will provide parents and students with more information about the program. There will also be a tour of the facility and an opportunity for students to speak with machinists and explore career opportunities in the field. Following the tour, students will participate in brief interviews with Vermont HITEC and Husky staff. Students will be contacted on Monday, May 13th to schedule a tour and interviews.


Year 1 Overview


Classes begin June 24th and will run for 4 weeks, stop for one week of unpaid vacation, and then continue for 4 more weeks to end on August 23rd. Participants will also have July 4th off as an unpaid holiday. Students will be enrolled in a Vermont Department of Labor apprenticeship when entering the program.


In the mornings, students will learn the foundational concepts of machining and metal cutting through a combination of bookwork, group discussions, and hands-on projects. Students will have daily and weekly homework assignments to complete as they progress through the program. The class will wrap up with a final project where they will be challenged to apply all of their new skills to produce a final project and a machined part that would be presented to parents and peers.


The afternoons will be spent job shadowing at different positions throughout the Husky Milton organization. Interns will shadow various positions on the manufacturing floor which could include: deburring, roughing, grinding, finishing, components, assembly, inspection, and testing. Additionally, they may shadow positions such as programming and engineering. All students will be provided time to rotate through each location throughout the 8-week program.


Successful completion of the CNC Machinist Fundamentals coursework may result in up to 17 college credits.


School Year Opportunities


Soon-to-be seniors, following graduation from the first Summer Institute, will return to school and will complete their senior year of high school. Throughout the school year, students may potentially have the opportunity to continue their paid internship and apprenticeship through after school and weekend work at Husky depending upon business conditions.


Year 2 Overview


The Advanced Concepts program in the second summer will run similar to the first summer Fundamentals program, starting with 4 weeks of education and shadowing, followed by a week of vacation, and ending with the final 4 weeks of education.


In the mornings, students will continue job shadowing throughout the Husky plant. Students will continue to learn about the product manufacturing cycle, but they will now possess the skills to contribute to the process. Shadowing time for the advanced students will be focused on equipment they anticipate using upon graduation and employment.


The afternoons will be spent in the classroom on academics. The academics will build upon the foundational skills students learned the previous summer and will provide a greater depth of knowledge. This portion of the program will have a heavy emphasis on hands-on project work, and will wrap up with a final project that includes a part that students will completely design and machine themselves.


Successful completion of the Advanced CNC Concepts coursework may result in up to 8 additional college credits.


Depending on business conditions, interns who have successfully completed the full program will be offered full-time positions as manufacturing technicians with Husky in the Milton operation.


Internship benefits include:


  • Full-time summer employment opportunity (8-weeks)
  • Intern wages – paid 40 hours per week
  • Up to 17 college credits
  • Planned, one-week unpaid summer vacation
  • Eight weeks of combined on-site education and internship work experience
  • Hands-on education and work experience
  • Registration into a nationally recognized State Apprenticeship Program
  • Job shadowing and mentoring in advanced manufacturing
  • Potential opportunity to continue work on a limited basis throughout the school year (based on business need)
  • Potential employment opportunity with Husky after high school graduation (based on business climate at the time)


Interns will be exposed to:


  • Computer Numeric Control (CNC) I – G&M Code Programming
  • Blueprint Reading with Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
  • Machine Tool Math
  • Introduction to Inspection
  • Machining Processes I
  • Introduction to Apprenticeship
  • Fundamentals of Turning, Milling, Inspection, Testing, and Manufacturing Processes
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)


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